Ethical hacktivism for a better world

Join us and participate in modern world protests as...

... '''Sympathizer''':    You believe that protest in cyberspace is a useful tool to promote ideas and awareness and would like to discuss topics around it with like-minded people. ... '''Supporter / Enabler''':    You have the technical skills to find and understand exploits in computer systems and websites, but don't want to engage in digital direct actions yourself. ... '''Hacktivist''':    You are able and willing to directly participate in digital direct actions to actively stand-up for your rights and believes.
... '''Whistleblower''':    You know of any cover-up of wrong-doing that is either damaging to the environment, a hazard to health or depriving people of their (human) rights? Blow the whistle and let us know.... ... '''Coder''':    You are a skilled programmer and want to provide tools and applications for the hacktivist community? ... '''Artist''':    You are an artist and want to support us with new designs for web placards, website graphics, Wiki skins, music or videos for this platform? We would really appreciate your contribution...

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